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There may be significant savings available through capital allowances.

If you are an existing owner or occupier, you may be unaware that of the expenditure that you incur on, refurbishing fitting out, or building commercial property, there may be significant savings available through capital allowances.

The complexity of capital allowances may be an area you are not familiar with or simply something you prefer to leave with your Accountant. Whilst this is quite a common circumstance, you should be aware that a specialist may be able to get substantially better results for you and may even be able to suggest allowances you can claim that your accountant may overlook. When producing capital allowances claims on fit outs / refurbishments, the cost information has to be analysed. This is only truly possible if you have a strong surveying background, which accountants do not have. We at Wandsworth are qualified in tax and quantity surveying and have worked for large surveying and accountancy practices for many years.

Existing property occupiers can look back at previous capital works (fit outs / refurbished etc) the property, as there is no time limit on claiming capital allowances.

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Some frequently asked questions about capital allowances and property purchases.